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The Chapel of Hidden Vice

A Collective Analysis Of The Human Condition

4/30/07 07:08 pm - faeriedynstasy - Introductory Entry

Hi all. I joined this community because I just reread John Milton's Paradise Lost and I can't get over the brilliance of it. I find it an amazing work, and I love the presentation of evil in it. I adore this quotation, when the devil is urging Eve to eat the apple:

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6/25/06 08:30 pm - morbidrequiem - New to the Community...

For the last few days I have been doing research on mythology and looking into the histories of my path. I came across an article covering different forms of Satanism. Most of the time I would disregard such things considering I have no interest in bedeviled Christianized icons (Note: I apologize if that statement has offended anyone). However something caught my eye just before I closed the window. It was a side article on Luciferianism. I don't have any clue why I felt I needed to read it but I did and it came to me that I was not alone in one of my modes of thinking.

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10/9/05 07:56 pm - dancing_salome - Poems

I've found this community after following cat_the_knife when she posted in darkvictoria. I really like the concept of this community, and I hope the following poems will be regarded as suitable. There are written by the Swedish author Karin Boye (1900-1940). The first poem is translated by David Mc Duff and the other two by Jenny Nunn

The Falling Morning Star

'Fall,' said the Lord, 'fall,
defiant morning star!
darkness will I grant you gladly.
You are dearest to me in all the world.'

'Fall,' said the Lord, 'fall,
burning blue flame!
Gleam in the torment of the deep,
build yourself a city of black crystal!'

'Fall,' said the Lord, 'fall!
You who would taste all evil,
will you come back soon?
You are nearest to me in all the world.'

The Dark Angels

The dark angels with blue flames
like fire-flowers in their black hair
know the answers to wonderful blasphemer's
questions -
and perhaps they know where the foot-bridge
from the deep of night to the light of day -
and perhaps they know the harbour of unity -
and perhaps in their Father's house there is
a clear abode, which has their name.

The Stars

Now it is at an end. Now I awake.
And it is peaceful and easy to walk,
when there is nothing to wait for any longer
and nothing to carry about.

Red gold yesterday, dry leaf today.
Tomorrow there is nothing.
But the stars shine quietly as before
tonight in space all around.

Now I want to give myself away,
so I have not a scrap left.
Tell me, stars, will you accept
a soul, which has no treasures?

For you is freedom flawless,
in the distant peace of eternity.
This never saw an empty sky,
which gave to you its dream and battle.

10/2/05 05:51 pm - phoenix532 - Struggling

Struggling forever in my mind
As good and evil fight each other
logic loosens time.
Fine lines I choose to walk along,
Temptation fills my soul.
You think you know me oh so well,
But little do you know...
That through my darkest fantasies
In the nightmare you've been lead.
Your every essence I control,
And on your weakness I have fed.
But when I awake I feel so pure,
Angelic as I rise.
The secret psychopathic one
Is slumbering inside.
But once again as darkness falls
And I see the moon emerge,
When good and evil become one
I embrace that intoxicating urge.

6/21/05 05:00 pm - oldschoolweapon - Alone in the center of an empty room

Alone in the center of an empty room
A poem, by Seth Metoyer

Alone in the center of an empty room
She starts a red music box
And through her blind desperation
She feels him swimming through her veins

To drown the sorrow from her soul

Alone in the center of an empty room
She smashes a black music box
And through her blind desperation
She crawls amongst him on the walls

What it would take to invert the moon

Alone in the center of an empty room
She gathers broken pieces of a glass music box
And through her blind desperation
She finally gives in to his sharp deceptions

-Seth Metoyer (2005)

6/16/05 03:09 pm - dragonfly_sidhe - Fragments of Glass

Silvery fields of sugary light
Breathless embrace of rushed delight
Amnesia’s blanket is logic’s toy
Faceted eclipse, illusory joy.

Shadow whispers, torturous weight
That fragile soul has sealed my fate.
Unsolicited deification
A gilded cage of adoration.

Continued patient solitude,
Dark abyss of forced intrude.
Blood rose thorns pierce psyche numb;
Throbbing beat - life’s fickle drum.

Eternity measured in one breath
Prism of vision seen only in death.
Ecstasy proven an illusion;
Reflections on shards of indecision.

5/26/05 04:09 pm - cat_the_knife - The Valium Bath

The Valium Bath

Fixed under water glass
Like a splinter beneath Poseidon's skin
There is no Sunday
And no one knows Rhyme
With her cool hands
And her goat's feet.

There are only
Walking dead
From whose wool-lined mouths
Pour blindfolds
And broken keys
Strangle holds
And bloody knees.

Rapunzel bruised
Left for dead forgotten
Bound and gagged
By her own golden hair.
Drowning in the Valium Bath
Warm and blind
Dying slow
But unaware.

3/16/05 02:59 pm - saturnalia22

some days, it seems that the only way to feel well again is to destroy everything - let the anger engulf you, explode in you, until you are nothing but a shell which feels nothing and is oblivious to the reality that nothing will ever be well again.

3/16/05 01:25 am - smashingmud - this is all true, i know how it sounds though, please read...

my name is michelle, i'm 23 and a libra, hailing from the eastern u.s. okay, where shall i begin? well i've had dreams about demons for several years, in these dreams (as well as other dreams) i have wings and a white light comes out of me, which chases the demons away. i've always believed in God, however i wasn't the christian i should have been. i've always been interested in the occult, and that's where it really begins.
i aquired a homemade ouija board (august 2004) from my boyfriend (now husband) and to my amazement it worked quite well. i befriended a demon that claimed that he wanted to repent and loved me. at that time i could feel him but not see or hear. i loved him too, he talked with me everyday. he told me aggressive ones were after me at times and that i should use my white light on them. sooo, one day he's like "beware, angel. . ." and i then had the pleasure or displeasure rather of meeting lucifer. i was immediately under his spell. i was highly curious, yet afraid. i almost gave myself over to him actually, but God didn't let that happen, not completely anyways. lucifer was facinated by the fact that i thought he should repent, and told me he would try. he said that i'm a light bearing angel like him and in fact his lost love lilith. naturally this freaked me out. but i was drawn in by him and talked to him everyday and fell in love with him. we made love, shared secrets, and dreamed together. i developed the ability to see him and hear him without the ouija board. actually once i saw him coporially. he's very big and of course has wings, dark curly hair and big blue eyes. he's very handsome. one side anyways. he has another side that's red and has goat horns, like the sterotypical devil. like his appearance he seemed to have a split personality, one side acts like he is sorry and loves God and one wants to be God. he entered and still enters my dreams all the time. for the longest time he acted like he wanted to be a good angel, but i'm not so sure about that. anyways, he claims that he's in love with me. we actually married astrally. i found out that my element is air, my number 9, my planet venus, and my direction east, all like him. all this time i never wanted to be evil or going against God almighty, and lucifer claimed that's why he loves me so very much. he actually encouraged me alot of the time to be Gods and Jesus' child. however other times he asked me for my soul (and still does). Finally, God brought me to my senses when i had a panic attack, that i feel sure lucifer brought on. he said it was to test my faith in God, it felt like i was being killed. i prayed to the most high God to save me, and he did. i've since became a devout follower of Christ, and i've never been so happy ever. i'm so unworthy, yet he showed me mercy. this experience ironically brought me closer to God. Father works miracles in my life daily. lucifer, however, remains with me, as a test of faith i guess or perhaps b/c i married him. he says i'm his queen and godess and that he'll never go, even if i am going home to Christ in the end. lucifer said that is what he wanted, because he loves me. of course he could be lieing. never the less God is protecting me from the mighty armies of hell. hell is a very real place, don't be fooled. fallen angels are very real, and i pity them. i pray for them and us. i'm not sure how to feel about lucifer, i do know he's evil, yet there's still a place for him in my heart, and does enjoy hurting people, please do not give yourselves to him. perhaps he does have a loving side, he claims to anyways, but he'll never be the angel he once was until he gives up this futile fight against our Father. i know this world hurts, but you can find peace through God and His precious son Jesus Christ. please give them a chance, they laid it upon my heart to write this testimony to you, if it wasn't for them i would not be here telling you this. the end is at hand, repent and be children of the most high God, for he is the one that instills light and love with in us.
your local heavenly messenger

2/24/05 03:03 pm - dragonfly_sidhe - Greater Heights

Climbing to heights
closer to seraph wings,
climbing to heights
above merciless glares,
climbing to heights
beyond audible range.
Looking down, seeing lights
looking down, I feel paradise.
safe from sight,
safe from condescending stares,
safe from battles
safe from myself.

Looking around, noticing void
single in isolation
separation growing.
Safe from nothing.
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