Fortuitous Destiny (dragonfly_sidhe) wrote in lucifers_echo,
Fortuitous Destiny

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Fragments of Glass

Silvery fields of sugary light
Breathless embrace of rushed delight
Amnesia’s blanket is logic’s toy
Faceted eclipse, illusory joy.

Shadow whispers, torturous weight
That fragile soul has sealed my fate.
Unsolicited deification
A gilded cage of adoration.

Continued patient solitude,
Dark abyss of forced intrude.
Blood rose thorns pierce psyche numb;
Throbbing beat - life’s fickle drum.

Eternity measured in one breath
Prism of vision seen only in death.
Ecstasy proven an illusion;
Reflections on shards of indecision.
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Very sad piece.... but so lovely in its sadness. You always write such beautiful poetry.

"Amnesia’s blanket is logic’s toy"
I especially like this part. It rings so very true to life.

Thank you my dear! I haven't written anything good for some time, so I suppose my poetry muse is a product of depression... oh the irony *laugh*
Very pretty. I had to read it twice. Made me feel sort of nostalgic sadness, I'm not sure why...
Rather astute, actually. I was feeling rather nostalgic when I wrote it. :)