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I've found this community after following cat_the_knife when she posted in darkvictoria. I really like the concept of this community, and I hope the following poems will be regarded as suitable. There are written by the Swedish author Karin Boye (1900-1940). The first poem is translated by David Mc Duff and the other two by Jenny Nunn

The Falling Morning Star

'Fall,' said the Lord, 'fall,
defiant morning star!
darkness will I grant you gladly.
You are dearest to me in all the world.'

'Fall,' said the Lord, 'fall,
burning blue flame!
Gleam in the torment of the deep,
build yourself a city of black crystal!'

'Fall,' said the Lord, 'fall!
You who would taste all evil,
will you come back soon?
You are nearest to me in all the world.'

The Dark Angels

The dark angels with blue flames
like fire-flowers in their black hair
know the answers to wonderful blasphemer's
questions -
and perhaps they know where the foot-bridge
from the deep of night to the light of day -
and perhaps they know the harbour of unity -
and perhaps in their Father's house there is
a clear abode, which has their name.

The Stars

Now it is at an end. Now I awake.
And it is peaceful and easy to walk,
when there is nothing to wait for any longer
and nothing to carry about.

Red gold yesterday, dry leaf today.
Tomorrow there is nothing.
But the stars shine quietly as before
tonight in space all around.

Now I want to give myself away,
so I have not a scrap left.
Tell me, stars, will you accept
a soul, which has no treasures?

For you is freedom flawless,
in the distant peace of eternity.
This never saw an empty sky,
which gave to you its dream and battle.
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