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New to the Community...

For the last few days I have been doing research on mythology and looking into the histories of my path. I came across an article covering different forms of Satanism. Most of the time I would disregard such things considering I have no interest in bedeviled Christianized icons (Note: I apologize if that statement has offended anyone). However something caught my eye just before I closed the window. It was a side article on Luciferianism. I don't have any clue why I felt I needed to read it but I did and it came to me that I was not alone in one of my modes of thinking.

For many years, even when I was a child, I believed that there was indeed a Lucifer. But I have never seen him as evil, in fact I have viewed him in much the same way I view one of my matron goddesses, Hecate. She herself started out as a goddess of light, the golden one, a goddess of the wilderness and life. Then as time went on she became a darker goddess viewed as a goddess of the underworld (specifically Tartarus and the fields of Asphodel), queen of ghosts, goddess of darkness and night, and a goddess of witchcraft. I have worship Hecate since I first learned who she was when I was around the age of 16. I have researched her, listened to poems and read stories. I have drawn pictures and called to her for strength. She is a dark being in my mind and heart but darkness is not something I have ever perceived as evil. However as with most things that dwell on the darker side of anything she as been demonized as a goddess of black magic and evil. Just as Lucifer started out as a being (be that angel or deity) of light he descended and became something darker. Lucifer truly came to the front of my mind in high school. I was drawing a picture that was meant to be a representation of myself but when I was done his name had changed but he was still me in some aspect. He was Lucifer. Now this is not to say that I see myself as Lucifer or view myself as a god. To do so would be absurdly LaVeyan and I am not so brash as to view myself greater then any other person. I do however understand god form, which is something done in ritual invocation. You take the divine into yourself and then act as they would or as you think they would to add to magical energy. Never in a ritual have I assumed the god form of Lucifer but it also never really felt like I needed to. He has been an aspect that I was able to identify with. He was a light being and fell from grace and became something a bit darker in nature. I have experienced the underworld descent as Kore to Persephone to Hecate. I have gone though my spring and entered my winter and become darker for it. It was asked that upon joining this community you post a little about yourself and why you felt compelled to join. It is because I feel the pull of the dark divine and Lucifer is a part of that for me...a large part. It is rare when I come across others who hold to the belief that Lucifer is not the Christian Satan or a being of absolute evil but as one of the darker sides of the divine or even the lighter depending on who you might be. I hope to learn much from this community and I hope even more to make some friends here.

blessed be.
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