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The Chapel of Hidden Vice

A Collective Analysis Of The Human Condition

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Lucifer's Echo

As every one of us has living within a winged being of light that seeks to soar above all that is mundane and commonplace, we have also a darker being that hides in shadow and sometimes bears horns. This is the part of all of us that relates better to the dark of the moon than the bright of the sun. This is the part of us that keeps us human. This being within is not evil.... only a dark twin to the other. Without shadow, there is no light, as each exists only in contrast to the other. For every Paradiso, there is an Inferno.

Another of my pet concepts is the idea of the fallen angel. What causes a being to fall from Grace... and what exactly constitutes a fall from Grace in the first place? Why are the Seven Deadly Sins the very same vices that come simply with being human? Is vice and human weakness something that should be purged or can it be embraced and accepted as part of oneself? This community is a project born of the quest to find out.

What May One Post Here?

As in Lucifer's sister community gabriels_shadow, devoted to the idea of rising above and soaring away from the mundane, anything goes. Posts may consist of but do not need to be limited to the following...

• Personal experiences or thoughts on the concepts of vice, sin, humanity, or related concepts.

• Dreams, personal epiphanies, or personal philosophy related to the community concept.

• Artwork, photos, creative writing, or poetry as it relates to the community concept.

• Interesting bits of information or folklore that are relevant to the subject at hand.

• Short excerpts from songs, poems, books, or movies that speak to you and fit into the theme of the community.

Community Rules

As in gabriels_shadow, there really aren't many strict rules. I am pretty open to whatever you guys want to post, but here are the few ground rules anyway.

• Absolute respect is essential. Agreement or approval of other people's posts is not expected by any means, but respect and tolerance is. No harrassment or debasing of any of this community's members will be allowed.

• It would be much appreciated if very long posts could have a decent portion of the content hidden behind a cut.

• If you have multiple images in your post, please hide all but the first under a cut as well.

• Please keep posts public with comments enabled. The whole point of this community is to share thoughts and ideas in a public forum and remain open to the possibility of discussion with those of like mind.

If you decide to join and feel so inclined, please post a bit about yourself and why you felt moved to join so we may begin to know you better. Thank you, loves. Blessed be!